Welcome to Scott Mendes’s VENICE! an interactive AR experience designed for Italy's famous floating city.

Scott will guide you around the city's central islands on a tour of previously unimagined sights. You’ll be led through the winding streets of the Venetian labyrinth to secluded piazzas, lush parks, waterfront vistas, and seductive sotoporteghi.

Fashioned by creative team Natalie Scott and Elijah Mendes for the 2019 Venice Biennale, Scott Mendes's VENICE! brings to virtual life the mind-bending, often hilarious, visions of the elusive Scott Mendes.

Perhaps you've already met him? He travels from city to city in search of nocturnal illumination. By tapping into the unknown powers of pigeon excrement, Mendes dreams the dreams of local lore, pop culture, and the Gaian hive mind. He then puts his visions on paper, using watercolor.

Scott Mendes's VENICE! brings his Venetian visions to life using the best AR technology available for mobile consumption. Weird and wonderful, Scott Mendes's VENICE! introduces extraordinary AR species to Venice's timeless garden of treasures.

Venice is the first stop on a fascinating global tour. Next stop? Rumor mill has Bangalore, Bogotá, and Skopje in the mix.

"Lucky #23!" were Scott Mendes's parting words to Natalie Scott. Scott Mendes’s VENICE! wishes you a lucky #23 too.


Scott Mendes's VENICE! produced by: Moses Hosiery + Suite Sixteen + Insert-Coin
Additional support from: Revolver Game Studio + ACRUSH + The Sunset People

©Moses Hosiery Corp M..M..XIX